MLB first pitches frequently offer a mixed bag of entertainment.

The novelty of watching celebrities and pseudo-celebrities out of their element can be rather enjoyable.

Of course, everyone is secretly hoping something will go terribly wrong.

You know, something like this:

Just wow.

When you're done cringing, click over to The Daily Player for more.

There isn't much more for Fanorama to add, so we'll philosophize, as in offering a universal response to the Socratic method in the form of this existential t-shirt:

beer is the answer t-shirt

What better way to address the complexities in this world, and for a mere $21.99!

It's guaranteed to keep you outta those polarizing debates, except for maybe ale or lager? Possibly even light or high octane? In those cases, if you're not buying the round, just tell the questioner to check your shirt.

Does life get any easier than this? Didn't think so. You're welcome.

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