There's a veritable cornucopia of screwy things in the NFL, and the draft is one of them.

Not necessarily the way amateur players are dispersed to the clubs, but in the money that's doled out with it.

It's inherent. In a league where guaranteed money in contracts is optional, it's one of the few times players have any negotiating leverage.

And of course, they're unproven players at the pro level. It's like the old Holiday Express commercial campaign.

Even screwier is the NFL not having any semblance of a minor league aside from college football, which is just so wrong on so many counts.

Click over to The Daily Player to ruminate over a few of them.

Here at Fanorama, we look at the draft more simply: it's the new elite players entering a world of elite teams. Why?

When we say we're gonna provide quality for value, that's what we do, even when one of our items becomes a gotta-have, like these aluminum magnesium polarized studly shades:

aluminum magnesium polarized studly sunglasses

There's a choice of lens colors, and we've got all of them for a how-do-we-do-it price of $30.66.

What impressed us -- as it will you -- is how sturdy these are. We don't advocate wearing them in a kung fu attack unless you're really, really quick, but you'll be good in the rest of everyday life.

So do the done thing and rest assured you're getting a helluva deal!


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