This is getting ridiculous.

The Premiership's hit an absolute gold mine with the foreign summer circuit.

And just like the NFL and MLB, it's gotta justify the higher ticket prices by insisting that a minimum number of big names make an appearance.

With the demand for these games being so high, it was inevitable that traditional regular-season match-ups would wind up getting cloned.

So it was that Manchester United faced off against old rival Manchester City deep in the heart of Houston, where 67,401 locals showed up for another episode of the so-called International Champions Cup.

Feel free to click over to The Daily Player to see a couple of nifty goals, for what they're worth.

In England, the term for rivalry matches is pronounced darby, because ... well, it's a 1000-year-old country. Stuff like that happens over time. In North America, of course, derby means something different altogether, Fanorama doesn't have any in stock.

We do, however, carry this fashionably faux old baseball cap:

summer baseball cap

As if 1943 isn't old enough, that date's just there for show, too.

No wonder we're only charging $16.70 for this new old hat!

But it's just as real as the score in that Manchester 'derby' in Texas!

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