It’s not easy being the new kid on the block. Just ask the Los Angeles Football Club.

With the Galaxy already in town, LAFC needs to prove itself as a viable operation.

Their debut season's only a year away, so they opted to make a splash hire.

This was it:

That's right. Former United States Men’s Soccer Team (USMNT) coach Bob Bradley is their coach heading into LAFC's inaugural season.

Dude's not exactly the tinsel and glitz that lights up LA, but if you click over to The Daily Player, you'll see why this might be the right move.

And if you visit us at Fanorama, you'll see that you just made a good decision yourself, especially if you're in the market for an inflatable beer pong table float that doubles as a lounge raft:

inflatable beer pong table float that doubles as a lounge raft

Now, if this doesn't get your party started, you're looking for inflatable objects that we just don't sell.

But trust us, this raft is much more fun. It gets real people into the party mood. And isn't that worth more than the $59.99 price tag we're putting on it?

Rhetorical question. Of course it is! You're talking about hours of fun that, when reduced down to cost per usage, put the price at shoplifting levels! Since this is cyberspace and that's not happening, break off a few Bitcoin and pick one up today! 

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