Let's just say Washington Nationals hardass Bryce Harper isn't into sugarcoating his message that participation trophies suck.

Many have argued that each generation of children becomes more and more enabled by being told that simply trying your best is enough.

That's why Harper would just assume you keep that participation trophy.

See, Tanner Boyle has no interest in second place. Lupus neither.

If you want to hear Harper's rant in full, click over to The Daily Player.

If you just want to be a winner, check our prices at Fanorama. For example, your wallet will be waving a checkered flag when you pick up this studly summer casual fitness t-shirt:

summer casual fitness t-shirt

It's yours and on your person for $21.89.

While it's true that you'll be participating in a commercial transaction, you'll be winning when you see how you look in it ... and how others look at you!

On top of that, it's probably priced better than than those damn trophies. So win! Win now. Or Bryce Harper may be knocking on your door.

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