As Father Time shuffled out the final ours of 2017, he decided to take a few last-minute souvenirs with him.

Like the perfect records of Villanova, Arizona State, and TCU.

So, if the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers do the same champagne cork popping that the 1973 Miami Dolphins mythically do when a season's final undefeated club bites the maples, New Year's Eve was even more awash with bubbly than usual.

It's not the same as three presidents saying sayonara on the Fourth of July or something, but it is quite the coincidence.

As usual, The Daily Player has highlights, so feel free to click over there and witness another example of time marching on, with or without us.

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barbecue bbq tailgating koozies

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They also make awesome gifts for your friends, too. So do the done thing and don't hesitate. These are limited edition items, and try as we might, we can't say when they'll be gone.

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