Someone got caught looking ahead to a midweek glamor match.

And it almost cost them two points.

With a trip to the Bernabéu in the offing, where Real Madrid awaits, Tottenham Hotspur almost forgot to take care of business against lowly Bournemouth.

The doormat-in-waiting Cherries coulda used the point, too. But no.

Spurs will most likely need all three to stay in the race for a top five finish.

It was an unsung hero who saved them. Click over to The Daily Player for details.

Meanwhile, we here at Fanorama want to do our part to make you the star of the day by offering this collapsible tailgating table, complete with insulated cooler, food basket, and travel bag:

collapsible tailgating table, complete with insulated cooler, food basket, and travel bag

Now, you might be asking yourself, how do we put this awesome mobile mini-mancave out there for only $79.95?

With free shipping, no less.

Trust us. It had nothing to do with shoplifting or hanging around the back of a truck. We're just into value and passing it along. It'll draw you back.

And we'll be here. After all, happy hour doesn't last forever.

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