Most award shows are completely pointless and function only as a group ego stroke in public.

The ESPYS are without question one of them.

However, there's a certain train wreck quality in each, as there's always the chance that someone will get pissed off or embarrassed.

The annual ESPYS was held recently, and that quick-witted Peyton Manning was slinging zingers all over the room.

One barb in particular might not have gone over so well.

Click here to see which one, as well as The Daily Player featuring a few of the most awkward moments in that show's history.

Every now and then, Fanorama does its best to fight unease in public, and now is one of them. Do not leave your local griller high and dry, and provide a reminder:

One doesn't simply ... t-shirt

Now, really, isn't it worth $21.95 to ensure your tasty meal doesn't turn into a burnt offering? Keep that griller happy!

Just not too happy, or you'll still get a burnt offering. That part's up to you.

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