Another footnote to sports history has now been registered.

There are dramatic shots in basketball that just barely get in before a game's end. Many become immortal moments in the minds of some.

Some count. Some don't. Click over to The Daily Player for examples.

By definition, buzzer-beaters combine uncanny accuracy in a frantic situation. Frankly, that's no way to live.

Here at Fanorama, we get sixes, sevens, and nines. We know the deuce is still wild. We're into fever in the funkhouse now.

That's why we're calmly and collectedly assembling nifty cool stuff for your pleasure, like these AOFly polarized sport sunglasses for only a mere $16.99:

AOFly polarized sports sunglasses

Maybe you can find similar coolness elsewhere for a better deal, but why? Here's a deal, right in front of you.

So relax. Don't wait for the last minute. Buy these now and don't risk having them go out of stock. Then, you'll be all set to let people roll you and call you the tumblin' dice.

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