Ever hear about the dude who came to Las Vegas in a $100,000 car and left in a $600,000 bus? Well ...

Someone strolled into a sportsbook there earlier this week and dropped a cool $1million on the Falcons +3. Wonder if he was counting the profits when Atlanta had that 28-3 lead late in the second half. But ...

South Park

How could the Patriots have done that to the poor dude?

On the bright side, it could be he's done shopping at Nieman Marcus and Nordström for a while.

That's good news for us! Dude won't need dosh like that at Fanorama. He could still be stridin' with pride in these lightweight mesh joggers for only $48.92:

mesh jogging shoes

Don't know if these will cushion the blow by making him feel like a million bucks, but they'll definitely cushion his puppies from the pavement.

That's a safer bet than the one he just made!

We've got a few pair for you, too. And you can leave most of your $1million in your wallet.

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