DeAngelo Williams is currently a free agent NFL running back.

Or, if you prefer, unemployed.

However, this status hasn't deterred Williams from attempting to dictate terms in his search for a new NFL home.

Inexplicably, the former Panther and Steeler has publicly identified four teams he absolutely will avoid under any circumstances.

Without further ado, click over to The Daily-Player to see who the four teams in question are:

We here at Fanorama don't even pretend to be that cool. We'll go on any team that takes us, as long as happy hour is involved.

However, that doesn't mean we can't feel cool. And what better way to start than with wearing these studly polarized aluminum magnesium shades:

polarized aluminum magnesium sunglasses

You don't have to be a high priced free agent to go top shelf with your accessorizing. Believe it or not, these studly numbers go for only $36.08.

You'll look good no matter who's team you're on.

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