A terrible wrong was righted the day Marshawn Lynch returned to the warm embrace of the NFL.

Mercifully, an arrangement was made to release Beast Mode from the Seattle Seahawks, allowing him to sign with his hometown Oakland Raiders.

As a result, the weird vacuum has been filled once more.

Of course, a nice ancillary benefit to employing Marshawn Lynch is the fact that he's wildly popular.

The reasons for this are much too complex to explore.

He's good people.

He's also a hot seller.

The Daily Player takes a snarky look at this and other totally relevant and clearly essential sports stuff for your edification, as long as it doesn't cut into happy hour.

And Fanorama scours cyberspace to find nifty cool sports fan stuff, making sure it doesn't cut into your budget to the point where it needs a tourniquet.

Take these studly fashioned polarized shades, for instance:

fashionable polarized sunglasses

If we'd stick these on the Beast Mode, we could jack up the price to a kajillion dollars and probably sell enough to buy our own island or something.

But we're not that kind of capitalist mercenaries. We're cool with beer and nachos, so we've got these listed at a wallet-hugging $16.99.

And don't let that fan-friendly price fool you. These are quality shades. You'll love 'em.

So would Lynch. We oughta send him a pair. After giving them a go, he'd probably not even care that they came with an invoice. He'd better not, because we're equal opportunity capitalist mercenaries.

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