Ian Poulter played some excellent golf recently at The Players Championship.

His final-round 71 placed him in a tie for second overall at seven under par.

While he couldn't quite catch young Si Woo Kim, dude did collect a groovy $924,000 payday for his troubles.

Despite these pleasant numbers, at least one person is less than impressed.

It's a malcontent who goes by the name of Brandel Chamblee.

Hint: click over to The Daily Player, and you'll find out.

Just know Poulter got even.

Speaking of, Fanorama would love to see you do better than even. For example, looking like a pro even though you just shanked your shot into the woods. Do what they do and face the challenge in heavy, right-on, and solid polarized sports shades:

polarized sports sunglasses

You'll be able to stride into the rough with confidence, and at $26.99, you'll be doing it for a helluva lot less than the green fees you paid to even land a ball there.

With style to burn, nobody's gonna accuse you of playing conservative! No, siree. Especially when you pull a discreetly executed hand wedge outta your pocket bag to escape more trouble.

If nothing else, your eyes won't be giving you away.

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