This is what you do when bumper stickers just aren't intense enough.

And if you've got enough scratch to be driving around in a Hummer, why the hell not?

It's not often that the SEC title gets yanked outta Alabama, but when it is and your team's the one that did it ...

Be epic.

To a certain Bulldog fanatic in Atlanta, that meant strapping a big screen to his guzzler and looping the title game video for the forced enjoyment of anyone driving behind him.

Click over to The Daily Player to take a look.

Then, take a moment or two to visit Fanorama. We've got nifty cool stuff for the discerning sports fan, like this ready-to-tailgate hooch-&-shotglass holster belt:

liquor and shotglass holster belt

This just shouts Party Central by its very presence. The only way you won't draw a crowd is to have bad hygiene. Even then, it'd be close.

It's yours for a mere $49.99. We offer free shipping for orders over $50.00, but for this, we'll toss in the penny because that's the sorta dude crew we are.

See you at checkout.

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