Seems like old times. Literally.

As in 37-year-old Venus Williams confirming yet again that Wimbledon brings out the best in her game.

Still, it's taken a while to resurface in the singles side of things.

The elder Williams has won five titles here, but the last one was nine years ago. But finally, she's earned a shot at her sixth with a dominant 6-4, 6-2 defeat of local citizen Johanna Konta:

That was part of a groovy day down at SW19. The Daily Player has even more happenings worth a look, so click over there for neat things.

Then, if you wanna relive a bit of the ol' Austin Powers-type Carnaby Street scene, Fanorama suggest you kit out yourself and/or someone you know and love with these heavy, right-on, and solid high-beam shades:

high-beam sunglasses

Even at today's prices, $24.97 isn't bad at all for these polarized, mirrored classics. In fact, it's an awesome deal. Sorta like the type you'd take straight to checkout.

Venus would probably want you to do that. So would we. Because then, we'd know you'll be back for more. Our collection of shade is that nifty.

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