Here's one of the most wonderful things about the media:

With so many sets of eyes from so many sources, there's always gonna be someone who catches a pertinent detail that everyone else missed.

It's also a reason why no one needs to be concerned about a free press organizing in lockstep.

Trying to get a handle on what reporters see and research is well and truly harder than ... well ...

The looming issue is whether or not the big-brand status of Ohio State and Alabama entitle them to special consideration if they don't win a conference championship.

Is the fix in? Click over to The Daily Player to view the evidence.

Then, saunter over to Fanorama for a few cool deals. As in, really cool. How in the world could you possibly hit a tailgate party without this celebration-ready insulated, multi-pocket tote bag:

insulated, multi-compartment, tailgating tote bag

That's right. You can now bundle up a little bit of everything for those wild afternoons in someone's parking lot. And check the utensils! They're included, just in case someone who's better in the kitchen than you are brings a taco casserole or something.

Your smartphone or whatever other electronic device you hold will thank you.

This is a steal for $55.99, and the shipping is free.

So be ready for anything, which will be easy. Because with this handy-dandy tote bag, you brought it.

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