Regular visitors to The Daily Player know it doesn't mind bringing a touch of attitude to whatever it covers.

They also know that part of the fun is checking out the music video that's at the end of every article and piecing together how it relates to the subject matter.

For example, this is a preview of the song accompanying a soccer article you'll find if you click here:

How in the name of Little Steven's Underground Garage that's related to Canned Heat's On the Road Again is a novelty in itself.

We're not that deep here at Fanorama. We just want to cover tomorrow's happy hour. So, this down-&-dirty t-shirt is about as philosophical as we get:

t-shirt beer is the answer

There's your reality. For only $21.95.

It comes in other versions, too, like a hoodie for late-night keggers priced at a mere $34.95.

So you're covered. Come for the sports, stay for the tunes, and then visit our store to kit yourself out in a sports-fanly sorta way. It's just the right thing to do.


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