There are myriad oddities to be found at various MLB ballparks. One example would be the possibility of seeing a real live shark at a game.

This peculiarity can be enjoyed -- or possibly feared -- at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Yes, a shark was recently spotted in McCovey Cove, just hanging out while taking in some exciting interleague action between the Giants and Royals.

It's well-documented that those dudes get around. Players and sharks.

It won't take a huge bite outta your time to hit The Daily Player and check out which shark made a cameo appearance among the kayaks.

Meanwhile, here at Fanorama, we get that you never know when they're gonna show, so you need clear vision at all times. That's why we stock these versatile, dust-proof, snowboard and motorcycle sunglasses:

dustproof anti-fog snowboard motorcycle sunglasses

For a mere $16.29, you'll have a clear view of snow sharks, road sharks, card sharks and whatever the hell other sharks might pop up in the next Sharknado movie.

Come to think if it, these goggle-shades are damn near essential to your survival! Act now, while you still can.

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