Charles Barkley isn't exactly shy about expressing his opinion.

His thoughts may not always be coherent, but they're usually entertaining.

The round mound of basic cable hot takes has frequently shared his displeasure on the quality and entertainment value the 2017 NBA post-season offers. He's in tune with our Angry White Dude in that respect.

While lamenting the sheer boredom and predictability of this year's installment, Chuck has mentioned more than once that the NHL postseason is much more exciting by comparison.

Yep, he'd rather be watching professional hockey.

Barkley can also join our loyal readers by visiting The Daily Player early and often for hockey coverage. He'll be pleased to find he'll get quick updates on hoops, too, among other sports.

Here at Fanorama, we've even got a garment that'd look fitting on him. Check out this funky arcade collage t-shirt:

arcade collage t-shirt

We actually have no idea why this keeps selling. We just posted it as a placeholder until we could add more items to the collection. So much for thinking we knew who our customers were.

Maybe we underestimated what dudes and dudettes would buy for $20.99.

Then again, who knew Sir Charles would prefer hockey?

We'll let management figure all that out. We'll just keep posting good deals and let buyers' preference take care of itself.

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