Manchester City resides on top of the Premiership table, and why not?

With their firepower, the league's pursuers are lucky the old North American Soccer League format of awarding extra points for goals in a game -- up to three never -- caught on.

They shoulda known that scoring never gets old, and players don't need inflated numbers to stay hard at it.

Full marks to Burnley for holding City to the NASL max. They only lost, 3-0.

One of the goals made history. Click over to The Daily Player for details.

You may never have a shot at making history yourself, but we here at Fanorama think there's no reason you can't at least look like you do. That's why we've stocked these studly looking sky pilot polarized, mirrored shades:

sky pilot polarized, mirrored

Nothing says Top Gun quite like these. And a fighter jet.

But hell, one outta two's a start. Besides, you're not gonna find any Tomcat F-14s for $19.97.

So buy the shades. Your eyes will thank you. Your imagination can run wild, and how much of that you wanna share is up to you.

If ever we do find as good a deal on Tomcats as we did with these shades, we'll let you know. See you at checkout.

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