Long live John Daly

The two-time majors winner recently finished up his annual RV sojourn to Augusta for the Masters. Afterwards, he stopped in Myrtle Beach for some good times and a little charity.

What exactly was the nature of this particular stop?

Well, it turns out Daly had some very important business to conduct.

Click over to The Daily Player for the details. Suffice to say the dude's a legend.

For what? Does it matter? Of course not!

And because of that, Fanorama has just the item for his kindred spirits. Take a look at this snapback mesh ball cap:

snapback mesh baseball cap

Gotta admit, for the low, low price of $17.53, nothing says WTF quite like this cap.

So buy it. Buy it now. John Daly would be so proud of you.

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