Danica Patrick isn't exactly shy about speaking her mind.

Sometimes, her complaining is justified, while other times it comes off as hostile or condescending.

Recently, at something called the I Love New York 355, her venom was righteous and directed at the lovable Kyle Busch.

It appears the Bill Laimbeer of NASCAR was keeping busy during the race, apparently nudging Patrick from behind on a turn and causing her to spin out.

She was less than pleased.

Just lovely.

There's more, because isn't there always? Just click over to The Daily Player for the details.

Same at Fanorama. We're always scouring the globe for more good stuff that we can offer at great prices. Just know we've done it again with this snazzy tailgating-essential booze-&-shotglass holster:

booze liquor shotglass holster

This is perfect for pre- and post-function outings, and even more so if you ever get into it with Danica Patrick.

Quite the deal for only $49.99.

All we can say is don't delay. We're not surprised this is flying outta the store -- we didn't check to see how many were going to NASCAR drivers and crew -- and we wouldn't want you to be surprised with a backorder.

So get to it, especially before Danica gets to you.

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