OK, technically, this was dude's second game for the St Lucie Mets.

But it was the back end of a doubleheader, so it counts as part of a trend that's forming here

Tim Tebow isn't bad at making first impressions.

He did it again at his latest port of call:

Judging from the backdrop there, the thought that this particular team would still draw flies despite Tebow's presence appears to be correct.

So The Daily Player thinks that maybe he's finally gotta rise or fall on his baseball skills. Click here to get a read on where he stood in the early going of High-A ball.

And check out Fanorama to confirm that where you stand with us is the front of the line. That's why we've got these nifty breathable fly weave trainers on our cybershelves:

breathable fly-weave running shoes

Don't let that budget-loving $29.78 price tag fool you. It sells for much more elsewhere because they're quality treads.

We're here to move 'em because that's what we do. High value; low price. You hear it all the time, but we mean it. After all, we're fine with happy hour at the sports bar. We leave the champagne tabs to markup artists.

And we leave the savings to you.

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