In addition to being a really good pitcher, Jon Lester has a few quirks.

His struggles fielding his position have been well-lamented, particularly his complete inability to hold runners on or actually make a throw to first base.

Also, since coming over to the National League after many years with the Boston Red Sox, the lefty was forced to hit for himself, which presented something of a challenge.

Well, Lester has improved incrementally at the plate, culminating in this freak occurrence against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field.

Dude's launching bombs, now!

Click over to The Daily Player to see more of Lester's dinger derby.

When you're done marveling at that, join us at Fanorama and cast your awe at this snazzy 8-foot folding beer pong and flip cup table:

8-foot folding beer pong and flip cup table

Don't let that retro black-&-white rendition fool you. This is 21st century cool!

At $99.99, it's a steal! Imagine going full-table pong at your next tailgating party! Imagine the crowd you'll draw! Imagine how some of them could really be worth knowing, if you get our drift.

And we know you do. Forget Tinder. Go pong.

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