In case anyone was curious, Nolan Arenado is a pretty good defensive third baseman.

If you happen to be in the market for some quality glove work, you could certainly do far worse.

The Rockies All-Star added yet another gem to his ever-expanding portfolio recently in San Francisco.

Just look at this thing:

Where to begin?

Well, start by clicking over to The Daily Player because this dude's got a web-gem portfolio.

Arenado could also get rid of that messy eye-black by finding some quality polarized sports shades, too. Fanorama suggests this durable number:

polarized outdoor sport sunglasses

MLB's minimum salary is $535,000 this year, so dude's got the dosh. What's more, these nifty cool shades are hella better looking than greasepaint; what better way to improve his shot at lucrative commercial endorsements?

You may not have Arenado's glove, but there's no reason you can't have the shades he should have. At $15.55, you'll look endorsement-ready, too.

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