Ed Orgeron has an impressive amount of energy and enthusiasm, particularly for a 55-year-old man.

After taking over for the equally manic Les Miles on an interim basis last year, the former Ole Miss head coach was awarded the permanent gig at the end of the season.

This dude certainly possesses a unique style and passion for young men playing football, but we now understand the source of his taking everything at breakneck speed.

Clearly, not everyone's clued in on this gives you wings thing.

If caffeine bombs are your cup of tea, click over to The Daily Player to admire one of your own.

And if you ever want to admire your prowess in the world of fantasy football, then we at Fanorama suggest you do what the champions do. Get a ring:

fantasy football ring

For a measly $18.80, why the hell not? People gotta be reminded every once in a while, like when you reach for the pitcher with your off-hand.

Better yet, offer this little glory bling to your upcoming fantasy league winner. They'll then realize how life-or-death this fantasy stuff really is.

And they'll have you to thank. Accept beer as their tribute. No matter what, you win.


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