What exactly is going on in the state of Arkansas?

Recently, a bill was introduced that would've allowed guns inside various public places in the state. Later, there was a measure passed that mercifully excluded sports venues on college campuses from that list of public places.

In addition to this madness, the Arkansas State Senate also just initiated a resolution directed at what they deemed poor officiating of NCAA tournament games.

As if that state doesn't have more pressing matters. Still, who knows? An indirect benefit may yet come of their antics. To get a hint of what, click on over to The Daily Player.

If by some stroke of dumb luck, this leads to world peace, Fanorama is here to jump the gun and offer a gift of this rotational basketball key ring as a token of the occasion that may never come:

rotational basketball key ring

That's a $22.42 value -- we sell it for $12.42 -- you're getting for free.

All we ask is you cover the shipping. Just e-mail your receipt to the-dudes@daily-player.com and we'll rebate you immediately.

And don't thank us. Just bow in the direction of those yahoos in Little Rock. Maybe they're doing something useful, after all.

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