First of all, let's just say up front that going to college doesn't necessarily make a person any smarter.

Should it? Of course.

But if an enrollee happens to have rich parents or possess exceptional athletic skills, well, perhaps they're not as motivated to expand their intellectual boundaries.

And a school's gotta pay it's bills. Hefty donations and sports revenue streams definitely help.

Kyrie Irving went to Duke.

Seems dude had an issue with a special basketball court the Milwaukee Bucks rolled out for a celebration of their 50th season in the NBA. It was weird. Click over to The Daily Player for more details.

If you're in need of a flat court for serious party competition sessions -- indoors or out -- then check out this 8-foot, portable, folding beer pong and flip cup table:

8-foot, portable, folding beer pong and flip cup table

Yes, indeed, this is a tournament-sized table that can be broken down for convenient carrying to and from wherever you're gonna be in the middle of fun.

It's a veritable package of social happiness wrapped up in a bargain bundle for $99.99.

Shipping is free, and we take Bitcoin. See you at checkout.

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