So there most of the USA was recently, hunkered down before their screens in Game of Thrones mode.

However, not everyone's into the screen adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire.

That includes Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott.

Allegedly, dude was fighting a DJ in a night club. Given how some fights go in Westeros, that's probably a better choice.

Then again, fights in Westeros aren't real. And they don't get investigated by the Dallas police.

Hypocrisy's at work in this tale, so click over to The Daily Player and prepare to do the SMH.

Fanorama tries to get to the point, too. In fact, here are ten of them:

hexagonal beer pong cups

Now, don't hexagonal cups make more sense for beer pong?

Of course they do! And for $29.99, you'll have 'em. When you win a game with these cups, you're winning in style.

Balls are required, so balls are included. Be one with your balls. Here's your shot.

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