We live in an era of great quarterbacks. Brady, Rodgers, Newton, Brees ... and the list goes on.

While it’s impossible to win a championship without the other 52 dudes, you need strong QB play in order to be a competitive team.

The Houston Texans found this out the hard way, as you'll see by clicking over to our own snarky little mothership, The Daily Player.

Don't let tragedies like this happen to you.

Not even for the little things, like this nifty Lionel Messi key ring that can be had right now for the bargain price of $14.74:

messi key ring

Actually, when you think about it, this is just about as tall as Messi!

What a deal! No way would you ever find anything else of his that's almost his size for that price.

Proof yet again that Fanorama scours the globe -- if there's a watering hole near by -- to bring you the best deals we can!

Yep, that's us. Always thinking of you. Especially when the bar tab comes.

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