For a team that's been mocked for finishing sixth in recent seasons, the Red Devils' opening day performance sent a distinct message.

Manchester United hosted West Ham United's young academy specialists and scorched their collective patootie with a 4-0 blitzing.

This wasn't just a win for United, it was a warning to all opposition watching.

Because this performance looks sustainable, that's why.

Three guesses who led the charge. Or simply " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">click over to The Daily Player to see who's living up to their billing, in ever sense of the word.

Fanorama has a few items living up to their billing, too. For example, these aluminum-magnesium polarized studly sports sunglasses just keep flyin' outta here:

aluminum-magnesium polarized studly sports sunglasses

Maybe we should be selling these for more than $30.66, but we're beer-&-nachos dudes when happy hour rolls around. So why gouge?

Consider our store the 24/7 happy hour of cyberspace! So drop in and cash in on these snazzy shades. They're amazingly sturdy and guaranteed to make you look cool.

That's a bold claim, but they can back it up. See you at checkout.

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