These dudes can look like villains even when they have a point.

NHL owners are understandably disgruntled because the International Olympic Committee refuses to cover players' travel expenses and insurance coverage when they attend the Winter Games.

On top of that, they have to suspend operations in mid-season to make it happen.

So they say they're telling the IOC to puck off.

The Daily Player, unsurprisingly, has an opinion on this. Click here if you're interested. And if you've read this far, why wouldn't you be?

Here at Fanorama, we're just wondering why everyone just can't get along.

Oh yeah, that's right. Money.

Fortunately, you don't need to worry about that -- much, anyway -- when you're in the market for polarized professional goggle-like glasses. We've got 'em:

polarized professional goggle glasses

They're damn near a steal at $34.50. Fortunately, buying them at that price is not a crime.

Saying the world's best hockey players won't attend the Olympics should be. One way or another, though, they'll show up. Put money on it. And then take your winnings and buy these glasses.

That way, everybody wins.

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