Eric Thames has gotten off to a rather good start this season.

While dude's cooled off a tad after a torrid April, his transition back to MLB after a five-year sabbatical has so far been a success.

Thames spent the past three seasons playing in a crucible of enthusiasm called the KBO, or Korean Baseball Organization for the uninitiated.

Apparently, he was kinda popular in Asia.

Yep, that was his personal cheer song in Korea.

While a skeptical MLB front office keeps asking him to pee in a cup, the lowly Milwaukee Brewers are seeing a marketing opportunity. Click over to The Daily Player to see how it's going.

If the Brews get a clue on this, Fanorama is gonna have a chat with them over brats and a beer. Maybe they could help make these hot-selling polarized sunglasses with side windows a hotter seller than they already are:

polarized sunglasses side window design

We already know that quality and value are part of the attraction. After all, these shades only cost $29.99.

The good thing is you don't need to wait for them to get hotter in Korea first. And we're definitely not gonna make you pee in a cup. 

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