Carson Wentz is making quite a few friends in Philadelphia. During the NFL Draft in April, the second-year QB publicly humiliated a Cowboys fan, forever endearing himself to the fervent Eagles fanbase.

Now, he appears to be getting involved in education.

Wentz was recently engaged via Twitter by a local high school student whose sole motivation appeared to be avoiding his final exam.

Click over to The Daily Player to view the urgent missive and Wentz's service to mankind.

Fanorama believes if you're gonna pull a Ferris Bueller -- and that includes sandbagging work -- go for the whole enchilada. Gotta have shades, and we recommend these mirrored polarized surfing sunglasses:

mirror polarized surfing sunglasses

All it takes is a mere $19.99 to grab something that'll be handy beyond a fantasy hooky experience. That's more than we can say about hopping onto a float and lip-synching Twist and Shout.

That's still too cool.

Get on it. Don't wait to hear from an NFL slinger. Buy the damn glasses and find a rockin' float near you.

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