March is the month fans of a certain disposition await with bated breath.

College basketball? What's this blasphemy of which you speak?

No. March is time for another great sporting event.

Spring Training baseball!

Seamheads endure the harsh winds of winter for this segment of the calendar.

And why wouldn't they? Vacation plans take them to Florida and Arizona, and broadcast highlights of the crazy stuff in which baseball specializes are back on display.

An article over at The Daily Player features two of them. Click over to take a look.

We here at Fanorama have a suggestion for those who want to enjoy the sun and yet be aware of dangerous flying objects. Check out these nifty cool polarized, anti-reflective, side-view shades:

polarized anti-reflective sunglasses side view

At only $18.99, you'll not find an insurance policy that does what these do. Truth be told, these shades also look hella better than an insurance policy!

So be ready for anything, including long stares in your direction because you look so damn studly. See you at checkout. You're welcome.

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