In case you missed it, that furry little rascal in Punxsutawney saw his shadow yesterday, which illogical lore dictates will condemn us all to six more weeks of winter.

But, hell, big deal. The NHL could use it for the upcoming Flyers and Penguins outdoor game at Heinz Field, and MLB won't be heading north until after that. NBA arena roofs are holding steady, so the games will go on, and Celtics fans have gotta love that right now.

victory cigar

It means there's nothing left for you to do but check out what we've loaded so far in our Fanorama store inventory.

For example, they're still freezing their little patooties off in England, so come out in sympathy and pick up a Manchester City keychain:

Manchester City keychain

And don't ask why.

We'd just invoke the Chewbacca defense.

Chewbacca defense

So, get out there and buy one for the Gipper, even though that doesn't make any sense either.

But at $14.32, how could you not?

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