The Monster Energy girls have created quite the scene in NASCAR recently.

It appears there's a vocal minority of fans who are objecting to the outfits worn by these hardworking dudettes.

Apparently, this conservative wing of racing fandom is choosing to ignore the long, storied relationship between NASCAR and scantily clad women.

So what's the problem, exactly?

If anyone has an issue with that, then they can take it up with America.

Fanorama strongly believes in covering up for NASCAR, if it's your head. All that summer heat can be taxing on a noggin, and your eyes could use some serious shade.

So we submit for your benefit the not-yet-legendary Car 46 embroidered racing cap:

car 46 embroidered racing cap

Just think: for only $16.95, you can pay tribute to Al Unser Jr, who took Daytona in 1993.

Or, if his life story is not as family-friendly for some, just pick one of the legion of drivers who took the wheel of Car 46.

Then you can look smug as NASCAR trivia freaks go nuts trying to figure out who you're honoring. Or say you're Whitey Norman's nephew.

It's too good not to do. Click it. Thank us later.


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