No, not the dollar. We do our best to collect those.

We're talking in the context of modern professional sports -- particularly baseball -- the designated value of players has become rather obscene.

However, organizations are forced to pay those ungodly sums in accordance with the market.

Sometimes, though, we're treated to transactions that involve more pedestrian sums.

Oh, like maybe a dollar.

No, seriously.

A major league player recently got dealt for a dollar. Wanna know who? Click over to The Daily Player and you'll get your answer.

Maybe we'll have a $1 promotion here at Fanorama someday, but until then, you'll have to settle for our usual price-slashing practices, like what we do with this awesome 8-foot long professional beer pong table with cup holes and LED lights:

8-foot long professional beer pong table with cup holes and LED lights

Pretty damn proud of those cup holes and lights, aren't they? And how 'bout that 'Murica design!

This is a total steal for $199.99, which is the equivalent of almost 200 bargain basement baseball players. But trust us, the upkeep on this is much, much less expensive.

So, while we don't keep ballplayers in stock, we think we're giving you a better deal here because those are the sorta dudes we are. See you at checkout.

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