Another week has brought yet another suspiciously timed drug test in professional sports.

We've seen recent examples from both the NBA and the NFL.

This time, MLB is redefining the term random.

Someone named Andrew Romine of the Detroit Tigers has been quite good in a small sample size so far this season.

What's he get for his hot streak and sudden upswing in his career?

A cup.

Click over to The Daily Player for more.

Here at Fanorama, the emphasis is on the process, not the analysis. If you're gonna keep your bod in fine working order, you've gotta hydrate, and that means you could use an eco-friendly sports bottle and straw like these little numbers:

eco-friendly sports water bottle with straw

At $29.88 a bottle, filling it with nature's best will make you and your wallet -- digital or otherwise -- feel better before even taking a step.

Best of all no cup required.

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