Talk about ignoring prosperity!

There Liverpool was, sitting atop the Champions League Group E by a lone point, amassing a huge lead against its closest challenger, and ... poof.

That's why the definitive term wasn't insurmountable league.

Because the Reds let themselves get mounted.

It doesn't take a real leap to accept that both Sevilla and the 'Pool were atrocious in their own ends.

Suffice to say you can view the vital details over at The Daily Player.

Speaking of vital, Fanorama has its moments, too. For example, we proudly feature this nifty cool booze-&-shotglass holster for your tailgating convenience:

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How about that for being prepared! Your friends will love your foresight, not to mention your hospitality.

We'd venture to say you could be so popular, others might kick in a bottle or two. Do that a couple of times, and this holster will pay for itself!

As its price is only $49.99, that won't take long.

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