Alright, this is getting ridiculous.

The University of Hawaii has made a verbal offer to QB Titan Lacaden.

While such an announcement may seem perfectly normal on the surface, it's actually quite the opposite.

The kid's 11 years old and in the fifth grade.

Yes, the Rainbow Warriors and head coach Nick Rolovich are clearly 'way ahead of the curve in regard to recruiting and have no qualms about brazenly dipping into the vast pool of grade school talent on the island.

And yes, that's kinda funny. The Daily Player likes kinda funny. But deeper down, what's going on here?

Fanorama just wants kids to have fun being kids. That's why we keep these munchkin-sized, polarized, designer shades in stock:

flexible polarized kids sunglasses

And because they're kids, these are flexible enough to handle the more creative things that might happen:

flexible design kids sunglasses

Not bad for $17.49.

We've got a selection of color combinations, so give them a look to see which ones your kids -- or kids you know -- might get a kick outta wearing.

And then, feel good, because you've done a small bit to let them be kids.

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