Clearly, the job of NFL commissioner is rife with stress and pressure.

However, in such a high-profile position, an acute sensitivity to mockery is not the best personality trait to possess.

Unfortunately for him, Roger Goodell appears to bear that burden, particularly when the New England Patriots are concerned.

If you'll recall, there was a rather benign incident involving Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and a novelty t-shirt after the Super Bowl back in February.

Click on over to The Daily Player for more.

We're all for expressive wardrobes here at Fanorama, as a quick glance at our wares will confirm. For example, this quality fabric t-shirt comes to mind:

blood sweat and beers t-shirt

We don't think Goodell would fine a Patriot for wearing this one, but as it's only $21.95, anyone on that roster can afford it.

If anyone tries to fine you for wearing it, let us know. We probably couldn't do anything about it, but it'd make a cool story. Then again, what the hell. Send us proof of the fine and we'll send you a t-shirt of your choice from our collection. We'll even add in some side cash for nachos.

Because we're those kinda dudes. And you'll be one of our favorite customers.

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