The Ohio State University has this college football thing pretty much figured out.

The program has always been successful, but since the arrival of head coach Urban Meyer, it's evolved into the Roman Empire of the Big Ten.

There's no doubt the Buckeyes will be in contention yet again for a national title this coming season.

They also seem to lead the nation in wanton hubris, but only because this dude's from elsewhere:

Check out the short video they made over at The Daily Player. All things considered, the target on their backs couldn't get any bigger, but still.

At least the hubris at Fanorama isn't wanton, but if you're heading in that direction, do so with a subtle touch, like wearing or bequeathing these dudette-flattering retro semi-rimless foxed-up shades:

retro semi-rimless sunglasses

Whoa! Who knew you could accessorize in style for a mere $20.28?

Besides us, that is. We know how to offer quality stuff and put the money saved into our bar bill.

So take it from the pros. Hubris is an art, and you've got a prime example right here. Treat yourself and/or that special someone. Or that someone you want to be special. Or whatever works.

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