You'd need a pretty compelling reason to refuse an invitation from the delightfully folksy Peyton Manning.

Well, it appears that Peyton's former coach in Indianapolis -- the cantankerous Jim Mora -- may very well have one.

The Colts are celebrating all things Peyton Manning at a Week 5 home game this season, the festivities including a statue dedication and number retirement.

Manning has extended a warm invitation to his first NFL head coach, but the 82-year old Mora respectfully declined.

But ... why?

Well, it turns out Mora is still a little sore about the way things ended in Indy.

Wanna know why? Click over to The Daily Player for the answer.

Can't really blame the OG when all is said and done. He'll probably be much happier in his back yard, spatula at the ready for whatever his BBQ holds. We here at Fanorama also suggest he make his feelings known with this take-no-prisoners t-shirt:

Grill Sargeant t-shirt

Only $21.95. What more needs to be said, but Burgers? We're talking about burgers?

Damn right, we are.

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