September is such an ironic month in college football.

No one really knows what to make of the landscape yet. The polls are usually laced with large doses of big brand reputations that may or may not be accurate this time around.

After all, who knows who's really gonna be any good until mid-October, at least?

Except maybe those in Tuscaloosa and a little ol' college town in the Palmetto State.

Dudes, how are you supposed to compare to-may-toes to to-mah-toes with so much season left?

There's only one way to see how they're actually compared: click over to The Daily Player for sporting enlightenment.

When it comes to keeping either pronunciation of tomatoes cold -- or anything for that matter -- there's no comparison to this handy-dandy little tailgating thermal snack bag:

tailgating thermal snack bag

When it comes to cold, there are only three things that'll stay chillier than this thermal snack bag:

  • Peyton Manning's ESPY speech,
  • the Cleveland Browns' offense, and
  • the beer Stone Cold Steve Austin drinks.

Here at Fanorama, we think your tomatoes should stay cold, or adult beverages for Stone Cold hizzownself watching the ESPY's.

Whatever needs to stay cold, grab this thermal bag. It's packed with value for only $22.87 ... and whatever you want to pack it with.


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