There seems to be a connection between animals and professional sports comebacks.

Don’t think so?

Search the phrase rally animal and see how many results pop up.

You won't see the Chicago Cubs' goat, of course. It was the anti-rally animal.

But two outta three of these critters achieved legendary status:

Sorry, mantis. No ring.

Still, it seems the St Louis Cardinals have a species issue when it comes to good luck charms that are still living. Check out their newest omen at The Daily Player.

We're not necessarily into good luck icons at Fanorama, but if we were, we'd cast our lot with ... cornhole on game day!

portable cornhole game set

It's conveniently portable. The aluminum frame makes it as sturdy as a 1960s Corvair. Don't be concerned, though; these don't have gas tanks.

And they're a better deal all around. First of all, zero lawsuits from rear-end collisions. Secondly, killer price at $109.99. Finally, cornhole's a lot more fun, not to mention you can drink without being pulled over.

So, wait not a moment longer! Tailgating parties await! Show up with the set and be the life of the party!

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