Zero -- you know, 0 -- was a world-changing concept. Some would tell you that life is nothing without it.

It did sum up the start of college football's season this year, since the cabal who controls these things designated Labor Day weekend as the proverbial Week 1.

So the prior weekend's games were played in -- what else? -- Week 0.

What did you miss?

Which brings us to Week 1, where existential crises have already taken hold in select venues.

To discover where, click over to The Daily Player. If you're surprised, you haven't been paying attention.

Here at Fanorama, we're into pleasant surprises. Like awesome prices for quality stuff. Take a look at these nifty cool cycling shades:

cycling sunglasses

Feel free to wonder how we can push these for a paltry $15.14. For the answer, simply hit happy hour at a local dive bar and check the menu. We're good with that.

Nothing would thrill us more than to see you go upscale and wear these shades whether you're a cyclist or not. You'll look right at home.

So here's to you, for being such a smart shopper. Meanwhile, we're gonna get back to our half-price nachos.

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