Well, this just seems petty.

Glen Davis and Austin Rivers, who once played together for the Los Angeles Clippers, are in the midst of a nasty little back-&-forth being waged on various media.

The source of this animosity seems trivial, unimportant, and all too common in the NBA.

Too bad they don't have baseballs to throw at each other and just get stuff outta their system. After being fined and suspended, of course.

If you're interested in the latest tiff, click on over to The Daily Player and appreciate that whatever is happening in your life, it's not as ridiculous as what's bugging those dudes.

Here at Fanorama, you'll be pleased to know that there's no drama whatsoever in picking up one of these handy dandy bicycle water bottle/sport cups:

bicycle water bottle sport cup

See? We even tossed a few flowers in the background to enhance the feelgood.

They're not part of the $15.33 purchase price, but go on ... make a local florist happy. No drama there. Or here. Just the way everyone likes it.

Except for a few thin-skinned hoop dudes who seem to have nothing better to do.

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