America's pitchman -- aka Peyton Manning -- appears to have a bit of time on his hands these days.

When not making sweet love to the Super Bowl trophy, the retired QB does occasionally accept a speaking engagement.

At one such event called the Adobe Summit, Manning was asked about his old Omaha signal call.

The ubiquitous corporate shill was apparently feeling generous, deciding to reveal the true meaning of this frustrating puzzle.

Gotta click over to The Daily Player to discover what Manning said.

Regular readers over there know that a music video accompanies each article because it's related in some way. For this one, you'll see and hear Moby Grape's Omaha. That makes sense, much more than the fact the title doesn't appear in the lyrics.

Here at Fanorama, this fashionable compression top for only $27.20 makes even more sense:

fashion compression top for men

It may not scream out Omaha! because, well, why would it?

But it does provide a cool and unique look, and it's calling your name. Even if it doesn't say so in the lyrics.

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