Well, this certainly blows chunks.

A professional golfer by the name of Michael Buttacavoli decided to withdraw from a US Open qualifier in Florida.

And what would compel him to do such a thing?

American Airlines misplaced his clubs.

Sadly, this actually did happen.

While it boggles the mind how an oversized bag can be lost, The Daily Player reports that the incredulity didn't stop there. Click over to see for yourself.

Who really knows where lost luggage winds up?

The way things are trending these days, do you really have to ask?

So, if dude wants to recover those clubs, he's gotta get set to go incognito. Fanorama has just the gear for this mission:

Russian theme baseball cap

Gotta look like a local, comrade, and for $20.96, this'll help.

So will these super-cool secret agent shades:

 aluminum magnesium polarized sunglasses

They're only $30.66, so other than the visa, airline ticket, bugged hotel rooms, sports bar tabs, and hot Russian hookers, your costs are damn near negligible!

And if nothing else, you'll be ready for the 2018 World Cup.

Better yet, these items are sanction-free! Go get 'em!

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